Monday, January 14, 2008

Save Me Sum

Hello all, We will be providing links to sum popular inventions that are let us say... disappearing either because they are not real or maybe JUST maybe, WE HAVE A CONSPIRACY to make them go poof... Also we will make comments of politics and the NEWS.
One Interesting invention is The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman check out his website it shows a machine that would revolutionize the world, alas there is not interest out there.
Don't we get it? Look at the world. All our problems are oil based. That damn black sticky stuff that comes out of the ground. Oil heats our homes is used in plastics for Medicine and the fuel for transportation. When Al Gore shouts Global warming I shout back... THE AIR CAR From FRANCE The MDI Air Car - the world´s cleanest car. Is not this the answer to global warming and pollution and the crisis of the auto companies in Detroit. Why is this car not imported to the US? Why are all the Global warming Guys and Presidential Canidates not talking about this? This car runs on AIR... AIR is FREE. The oil companies don't like free. Why is Detroit going down the tubes, I feel that Detroit is owned by the oil companies, so Detroit has no incentive for innovation. AL GORE mention the AIR CAR!!! Let's demand this vehicle come to the US, let everyone you know, get to know about it.
How do we lower gas prices right NOW? EASY.....
We all stop buying gas from Exxon, you can buy from other stations, Let's just single out Exxon,just buy your gas elsewhere in one month Exxon will be lowering there prices, We will continue not to buy Exxon gas (sorry to single out Exxon) Exxon will be hurting, we will still be riding ou vehicles, but Exxon will not sell one dime of gas. Let's show the oil companies we can be creatively vedictive to reduce the price of gas. Remember these prices went up after Katrina and never came down again. Congress and the Politicians will do nothing about the oil companies, because they too are owned by BIG OIL. Stop buying Exxon, tell your friends they have a choice too, It's a wonderful way to take charge. Spread this idea on the internet let's fight back.
Now with politics Who do I like? (my picks*)

Hillary... 8 more years of Cinton. Remember George W's Joke "Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton"
a reference to the history books and how cute it would be to see that in print. C'mon guys , I can't stand her voice even, It's like having the shrill voice of my wife clawing on the chalkboard for 8 years...NO WAY! I'd love a women president but not her.
*Obama... This guy is a great speaker, young and not a Washington Insider but, not ready for primetime.

Edwards... When you spend $400.00 on a haircut, don't tell me you can relate to the masses.

Kucinch... Is he stll in?

Romney... Too Fake.

Mcain.. Tuff guy, but too much of a Washington guy.

Guliani.. Another Tuff guy, but I think he lost his chance by bowing out on Iowa and New Hampshire

Huckabee...Good speaker, good sense of humor, No chance in the General Election

*Thompson...This is the guy....and he played a president too in the movies, now that's experience

Paul... Sum good ideas, but some really crazed stuff as well

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